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Halal Training

In line with its task of increasing awareness on halal, HDC offers halal-oriented custom training modules, certification guidelines, and technical advisory services for anyone who seeks to better understand what halal is all about. The programmes touch on syariah laws, certification processes, consumerism and food safety and are in accordance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP), ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and other related management systems.
Concept of Halal Training:

Through Halal training programmes, HDC aim to promote further knowledge and increase human development on all Halal matters.

With the development of standardised, comprehensive training modules, HDC can elevate the current level of awareness of Halal, ensuring practitioners have a full understanding of facets needed to support the growing Halal industry.

As outlined in the 3rd Industrial Master Plan (IMP3: 2006 - 2020), HDC Halal training modules are designed to strengthen institutional and human resource capacities to establish Malaysia as the Global Halal Hub for Halal goods and services. This goal is achieved through active consolidation between stakeholders and relevant Halal Industry players.

HDC Training

Our courses:
Covering all aspects of Halal industry topics, HDC courses are developed to address specific needs of Halal industry today.This includes both Halal theory and understanding the practical part of Halal management systems.

The courses, catering to both Muslim and Non-Muslim target audiences, cover wholesomeness, safety, hygiene and consumer products (cosmetics and pharmaceutical).

Our modules:
All HDC modules are developed through close-knit collaboration with various universities, industries and research centres.

In turn, our modules are specially designed to cover not only Shari’ah aspects, but also the Halal market, Halal food & consumerism and Halal certification processes, plus the national and global Halal industry scenario along with biotechnology.

Our trainers:
Engaging local and international field experts as trainers and subject specialists brings significant experience relating to all Halal matters.

This ensures that participants are able to leverage on the many years of experience along with the latest academic findings in research and development of the Halal industry.

Our Training Experience:
Knowledge is power, so the HDC training experience is our core strength.

In fact, through an international training agenda, HDC has successfully conducted training programmes throughout the world, in countries such as Turkey, Australia, China, and Japan.

Our Training Centre:
Our fully equipped, conducive training centre is of an international standard.

The centre features all the essential facilities from the prayer room, spacious dining area and cosy lounge, to the comfortable, hi-tech training areas and resource outlets.
HDC Training Centre Training Room:

HDC Training Centre is currently operating with the two main training rooms, which we have named IbnuSina and IbnuKhaldun respectively.

Each room can fit a maximum of 30 participants, but since it is collapsible, we can cater for 70 participants overall. Our centre is fully equipped with PA sound system, projector, flip chart and wireless internet access.