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Malaysia Economic Corridors

Malaysia is a country on the move, from a country dependent on agriculture and primary commodities, Malaysia has today become an export-driven economy spurred on by high technology, knowledge-based and capital-intensive industries.

MyCorridors – Gateway to prosperity

» In promoting free trade and business incentives, the government has established five (5) economic growth corridors to further develop Malaysia’s strategic investments regions. Malaysia’s five corridors had their very own clear and concise visions, focus and own authority to oversee the developments in their specified region.

» The five economic regions are:

1. Iskandar Malaysia in Southern Johor (IRDA)
2. Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER)
3. East Coast Economic Region (ECER)
4. Sabah Development Corridor (SDC)
5. Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE)

Source: Official Investment Gateway Malaysia Economic Corridors web portal

For more information, kindly visit Official Investment Gateway Malaysia Economic Corridors.