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Industry Development

The Industry Development Division (IDD) is tasked with the development and implementation of one of the key tenants of the National Halal Master Plan: "Enhancing the economic contribution from Halal-related industries by identifying programs and provides services to increase export-led growth and reduce imports (increase national self-sufficiency) in Halal-related industries". IDD is given the mandate within HDC to undertake the following:
  • To direct and coordinate the development of Malaysia's Halal industry amongst all stakeholders -both public and private.
  • To manage capacity building for Halal producers and related service providers.
  • To promote and support investment into Malaysia's Halal Industry.
  • To facilitate the growth and participation of Malaysian companies in the global Halal market.
  • Enable and facilitate investor support for Halal related industries in Malaysia.

With this mandate IDD needs to achieve certain strategic goals within the timelines established within the Master plan:
  • Increase foreign and domestic investment in Malaysia's Halal sector.
  • Increase number of SME's exporting in Global Halal market.
  • Increase number of job opportunities in Halal sector.
  • Increase the proportion and share of the Halal industry in national GNP growth.


To achieve these goals IDD is structured with 2 key units:

Investment Unit
  • To drive foreign and domestic investment in the Halal sector. 


SME Development Unit
  • To develop programs to increase the economic contribution of Halal sector SMEs.