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Halal Integrity

As the global pioneer in halal certification, Malaysia is widely recognized as the leading authority on matters relating to halal certification and auditing standards, halal research and for its efforts in halal training. Our efforts in the halal field has seen the development of innovative halal solutions for a broad range of businesses outside of the traditional food sector.

HDC is tasked to ensure that the integrity of the halal standard remains of the utmost quality and to provide solutions which will meet the demands of Shari'ah principles and of the commercial industry.

Through Halal Integrity, HDC will establish a framework to assure that the quality of Halal is protected throughout the production chain. This will involve the development of policies and comprehensive standards, efficient Halal Certification processes, Halal awareness activities and training of Halal industry professionals.
Policies and Standards

The Halal policies are constantly reviewed and changed to keep up with the global trends due to the importance of integrity in producing Halal products and services. Standards, which provide a foundation, are regularly developed in accordance to the relevance in the Halal industry while existing standards are updated.


Training programmes and workshops will be provided to Halal industry companies to ensure that Halal standards are achieved and maintained. The training modules are designed to improve the level of awareness on Halal living and its benefits. The team comprises primary of coordinators who will implement all of HDC's training programmes.