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Why HDC?

Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) is a developmental body that is unique in its own right. The Malaysian government established HDC in September 2006 because it realised the potential of the halal business. It also understood the country’s unique position and strengths would enable HDC to spearhead the overall development of the halal industry. HDC is the only government- mandated company in the world tasked with coordinating and developing the national halal industry.

As a brand, HDC is business friendly, driven to make things happen, steered by experts delivering world-class know-how and collaborative by working towards a win-win situation. HDC’s promise is to help businesses access new markets both locally and globally. For businesses, it means halal is the avenue for new markets with the help of HDC and its agencies. For consumers, it means that with the growth of the halal industry, they will have increased awareness and better choices on halal goods. And finally, for the government, with new markets reached through halal, it translates into economic growth.

The halal industry encompasses many sectors cutting across the entire halal value chain. HDC thus has multiple roles to play in the entire chain.

Managing the stakeholders’ interest

  • Creating business opportunities
    HDC is the central implementation agency for key industry development initiatives and working with authorities and businesses. It promotes industries relating to halal, liaising with and assisting businesses and investors. It also manages and distributes government funding for the halal industry.
  • Coordinating national initiatives
    HDC is the referral agency for businesses and agencies involved in the Halal industry while understanding their specific roles and needs. It is also coordinator and chair for halal-related agency activities and organises discussion sessions.
  • Communicating value to consumers
    HDC provides support to businesses by providing branding and promotion of halal products and industries. It also provides training and consultancy services to support halal certification.

HDC also focuses on the following elements of the halal value chain.

  • Feed and Farm management
  • Ingredients
  • Manufacturing/Processing
  • Logistic Services
  • Research & Development and Innovation
  • Islamic Finance
  • Advertising & Promotions

In order to be more effective in developing the halal industry, HDC is focusing on core clusters that will add significantly to the economy. These clusters include specialty processed food, ingredients, livestock, pharmaceuticals and personal care. Development of these areas is key to realising a more holistic halal ecosystem. In order to realise this goal, HDC works hand in hand with all the relevant government ministries and agencies.

On the international front, it is the first point of contact and a key reference centre as well as providing stewardship and direction through the extremely varied array of sectors in the halal industry. This includes the processed food, beverage and livestock sectors to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care sectors and also the Islamic banking and logistics sectors.

An important factor is the role HDC plays in capacity development as the halal industry heads onward into the 21st century and the challenges that lie in store for it.

This includes strengthening and streamlining compliance, marketing, communication and response time in all sectors. To constantly embrace change for sustained growth is the methodology HDC consciously employs.

At home, HDC has been mandated by the Malaysian government to assist, in particular, the small and medium-sizes enterprises (SMEs). HDC works hand in hand with all the relevant government ministries and its agencies, especially the Ministry of International Trade and Industries (MITI), for leverage and achieving desired results. The help to SMEs are mainly in the form of tax incentives, funding, licensing, skills upgrading plus marketing and promotional expertise.

To sum it up, when it comes to everything halal, HDC plays the leading role in shaping and guiding its ascendency both at home and abroad.