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Halal Industry

With a global Muslim population of close to 3 billion, annual trade in Halal products and services is a multi-trillion dollar industry. And through a growing Muslim consumer market force across the globe, all sectors of the Halal industry are thriving.

The growth of the Halal consumer market represents a significant potential for international companies, both in Muslim countries and western markets with significant Muslim populations.

Industry Definition
Small industries Small medium industry (SME) Multinational
Annual sales turnover of not more than RM500,000 Annual sales turnover of between RM500,000 to RM25 million Global business with network / branches in a number of countries. Annual sales turnover of more than RM25 million.


Abattoir size
Livestock Size (Number)
Small Medium Large
Chicken per day < 2,000 2,000 - 3,000 > 300
Goat per day < 500 500 - 700 > 700
Cattle per day < 50 50 - 100 > 100

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