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About HDC

Halal is not merely a way of life - it is a global industry. With a stake in commercial sectors worldwide, Halal Development has become a significant contributor to all facets of economic growth.

Established on 18 September 2006, Halal Industry Development Corporation coordinates the overall development of the Halal industry in Malaysia. Focusing on development of Halal standards, audit and certification, plus capacity building for Halal products and services, HDC promotes participation and facilitates growth of Malaysian companies in the global Halal market.

Intent on building a global Halal community, HDC brings the Malaysian Halal industry in unison toward a common goal. By nurturing growth and participation of local businesses into the global Halal market, HDC sets the bar for Halal best practices in Malaysia to enrich the development of Halal standards globally.


 Vision:       Building Malaysia as the most competitive country in global halal industry
We create opportunities for Malaysia halal ecosystem community
Role:         We provide training and advisory services on halal and halal business development
Core Values: H – Honesty / Halal
D – Determination / Dignity / Diligence
C – Commitment / Courage / Creative
Our Key Focused Areas
  • Halal industry-friendly policy and legislation

  • Larger and new market space for halal products and services

  • Quality and integrated infrastructure

  • Viable and internationally recognized halal industry experts

  • Productive industry players within the end-to-end halal and syariah compliant value chain

  • Technology and innovation that support the development and commercialization of halal products and services

Our Main Responsibilities 
  • Conduct researches and provide advisory services on opportunities throughout the halal market and value chain

  • Formulate strategies and initiatives that support the Country's socio-economic development agenda

  • Coordinate and report the performance index of initiatives implemented

  • Facilitate international relations and cooperation towards beneficial returns in terms of investment, trade and information - expertise – technology sharing

  • Facilitate participation and growth of halal industry participants

  • Add value on talents development initiatives

  • Facilitate the development of fully halal and shariah compliant value chain

  • Promote Halal Malaysia brand worldwide

  • Facilitate the management of halal industry-related initiatives and issues